Bud’s Chicken and Seafood was founded in 1957 by Bud Brinkman. Bud’s began as a single unit, take-out restaurant. The original menu featured a wide variety of items, but consumer demand began shaping Bud’s into a restaurant specializing in southern-style fried chicken, seafood, and homemade salads.

The success of the original Bud’s Chicken led to the opening of a second unit in 1976. Encouraged by South Florida ‘s tremendous population growth Bud’s continued to open additional restaurants. Today, Bud’s is one of the largest family-owned and operated chicken and seafood restaurant chains in South Florida.

Since it’s beginnings, Bud’s has been a family oriented business with close ties to Palm Beach County . This tradition has continued without interruption and today, the second generation of family is at the helm of Bud’s.

Bud’s first restaurants were take-out only, but today Bud’s offers sit-down dining as well as convenient drive-thru service. While most of Bud’s customers remain loyal to the chicken and seafood entrees Bud’s is famous for, Bud’s stays responsive to changing customer demands by continually testing new menu items.


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